School enrolment

School enrolment - becoming a student
Students of the School come from all age groups, occupations and walks of life, giving a rich diversity to the student body. The School has an equal opportunities policy operating across all areas of our activities.

Entry requirements:

  1. a minimum of 5 GCSEs and 2 'A' levels (or equivalent). Where this is not the case, other qualifications and life experience will be taken into account;

  2. a genuine motivation to study and practise acupuncture; a sincere and caring attitude and a willingness to develop and grow are essential attributes;

  3. a standard of personal health sufficient to enable the individual to undertake and complete the programme;

  4. sufficient command of written and spoken Polish to be able to undertake the programme

  5. an understanding of the commitment demanded by the programme, and the effect that this may have on lifestyle, work, relationships, etc;

  6. normally there is a minimum age limit of 19 years;


The interview is a two-way process, giving the prospective student and the faculty members an opportunity to explore the applicant's needs, expectations and goals. Applicants should study the above criteria prior to application and interview.  Other areas for you to consider before interview are:

  1. have I made sufficient plans to fund the programme, including travel and accommodation costs?

  2. what are my long term goals?

  3. am I prepared to have traditional acupuncture treatment (if not already having this) at least by the time I enter the clinical year of the programme?

  4. where and in what setting would I like to practise when I complete the programme?

  5. how does this fit in to my present situation?

  6. what do I think about continuing professional development and supervision when I have completed the programme?


Making your application

We have prepared for you an application form, you can download HERE (Microsoft Office .doc file format) or you can order the application by phone or by e-mail at the address:

Szkoła Akupunktury Tradycyjnej,
ul. Startowa 5,
86-065 Lisi Ogon k/Bydgoszczy

Telephone contact - every day - from 10.00. - 17.00
tel./fax (052) 321 39 03


The interview is an opportunity for us to discuss your application with you, and ask any further questions you may have about the School, the School programme, or your career as an acupuncturist.
As a part of your application you are asked to write a brief, reflective piece of work stating what personal qualities you would bring to the School and to acupuncture profession.

Course fees

The course fee is paid in two instalments then each instalment is 3300PLN (Polish zloties). The first installment (for the first term)  has to be paid by 10th September and the second one (for the second term)  by 10th of February

Please pay the course fees into the following bank account
BRE Bank S.A.
Bank account: 30 1140 2017 0000 4702 0384 0774
with the note: "Akupunktura"

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